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Morpheus Media Fund is an Indian Venture Fund offers Consumer Product Venture Fund, FMCG Venture Fund, Personal Care Venture Fund, Education Venture Fund and Healthcare Venture Fund.
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Who we are
We are Morpheus Fund, and our vision is to help Indian entrepreneurs build the great brands of the next wave.
As an independent venture fund, we seek to invest growth capital in mid-level Indian consumer businesses, and to provide the resources and expertise they need to evolve into powerful brands.
The Morpheus Principle
If the Indian economy grows apace today, it does so largely through the dynamism and effort of her mid -sized entrepreneurs.
Yet, as economies expand, they also grow more complex. And more competitive.

Entrepreneurs must be effective at multiple levels, from finding new markets and audiences, to building relationships and to creating mindshare.

The need then, is for customer- centric approaches that place branding where it belongs: at the very heart of a business.
Hence the Morpheus Principle:
Branding does for products what wings do for aircrafts
Who we partner
The Morpheus Fund would be focused on enterprises where the core emphasis would be brand development.
Typically, this would include FMCG, Home and Personal care, Consumer services such as Education and Healthcare, and Speciality Retail such as apparel and footwear.

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